Stop fuel theft with TankSafe
Anti-Siphon Impregnable version

Stop Fuel Theft & Prevent Diesel Spills

  • The ONLY device that completely prevents skimming of diesel

  • The ONLY device that prevents diesel spillage

  • The ONLY device that prevents overfilling

  • Save 10% off your fuel bills

TOP 7 REASONS why over 910 CUSTOMERS keep buying TankSafe anti-siphon devices:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Manufacturer is an ex haulier with 30 years experience. We understand your industry.
  2. REPUTATION: 83,000 devices sold. Customers include Sainsburys, Maritime, Biffa Waste.
  3. SERVICE: Sales and Technical Reps always available to discuss your fuel issues.
  4. QUALITY: Patented devices made from 100% Aluminium for maximum protection.
  5. RELIABILITY: Most effective fuel security devices available, all with a 3 year guarantee.
  6. RANGE: Our Tanksafe range meets any haulier's fuel security or safety concerns.
  7. SAVINGS: Proven payback after fitting the Tanksafe 'Impregnable' is just 6 WEEKS.
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